The Present from Shining Sun

Sunrise Charming flower
The brightness of sunrise in the morning illuminates around the factory from the top of a high mountain and enters upon beautiful morning. The chlorella of the pond starts strengthening a lively photosynthesis action and shines to emerald green.

This is the jumbo cactus, which is height 2m and width 1.5m growing inside our factory. Full sunlight lets the cactus blooms 1000 flower, which is named as 1000 blooming jumbo cactus.

The best province for chlorella "photosynthesis"

Harvest volume is limited because the difference in the temperature among daylight, morning and evening is big, although, chlorella that was trained in this environment has preeminent nutrition!
Chlorella growth factor (C G F) is included a lot!
By means of photosynthesis, in receiving the strong sunlight, chlorella cells accomplish one big job, namely, repeating cell division for proliferation by themseves.
Under the strong sunshine the chlorella cells may occur activity oxygen, but they also manufacture a lot of chlorophil to protect by themselves from activity oxygen.
So, chlorella "Green treasure"
contains a lot of chlorophil than any others.
That is why "Green treasure" looks dark green.

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