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Product name Capacity Price Order Quantity
Chlorella"Green Treasure" grain 700 grains (140 g)/
1 can
Yen 7000 order
Chlorella"Green Treasure" grain 3 cans Yen18000 order
Chlorella"Green Treasure"grain 6 cans Yen33000 order
C G F "Biogreen G" ( 50ml*10 bottles) /
1 box
Yen15000 order
C G F "BiogreenG" 3 boxes Yen36000 order
A set "Biogreen G" 1 box+"Green Treasure" 3 cans Yen32000 order
B set "Biogreen G" 3 boxes+"Green Treasure" 3 cans Yen53000 order
C set "Biogreen G" 3 boxes+"Green Treasure" 6 cans Yem68000 order
S set "Biogreen G" 6 boxes+"Green Treasure" 6 cans Yen104000 order
Chlorella"Ggreen Treasure" powder (150 g)/
1 can
Yen6000 order
Chlorella"Green Treasure" powder 3 cans Yen15000 order
Chlorella" Green Treasure" powder 6 cans Yen28000 order

*Please add shipping fee (by air mail):JPYen 2,000.

Subtotal cost \
Shipping fee JPYen 2,000.
Total cost \

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¦ Please allow 7 to 8 days for delivery on foreign orders.
¦ If you need us to help you by using other payment methods, please send E-mail:health@chlorellacenter.com directly to Chlorella Center Company Limited, we would be very pleased to response to you as soon as possible as we can.

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Chlorella Center Co., Ltd

7-7 Kamigobyonocho Misasagi Yamashina-ku Kyoto 607-8425 Japan
TEL 81-75-502-2131 FAX 81-75-595-3331

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