All nature in!

"Chlorella Green Treasure & Biogreen-G"
Grows up with Natural Water in the area surounded by forest.
Forest and fog Cultivating pond
What is this?
In the early morning, white wet mist wraps gently over all chlorella-cultivating ponds, stands and stay, after mist going away slowly,
the dazzling sun
gradually begins to
illuminate the whole surface ofevery cultivating ponds. The breath of forest not only kind to the human being but also to
the chlorella "Green
The cultivating pond of
environment is enclosed
in surrounding mountain
range and the chlorella
brought up to emerald
green abundant real
spring water among the
breath of the forest
without any pollution.
Here is really a
beautiful and place.

The cultivating
situation of the
chlorella green
treasures shine in
sun to emerald
green, let anyone
unconsciously want
to save with hand
and try to drink.
It is indeed a
wonderful vivid

The body of human contains almost 70% of water, accordingly good quality of drinking water for human being is very important. Of course, in cultivating of high quality chlorella, good water is required also.
The Home of " Green Treasure " is in the middle of water. Tong Guang village is in the foot of the mountain near Sun-Moon lake, a beautiful lake located in central part of Taiwan.
" Green Treasure " is cultured here in Tong Guang village with the natural water which is pumped up from 300M underground.
According to the analysis of Kyoto Microorganism Research Institute, have certified the water here in Tong Guang village is a fine transparent soft-water, at the same time clears the Law of Water, article 4 in Japan.

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