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The Detox Effect of
Chlorella "Green Treasure"

Discharge synthetic hormone-Dioxin
Dr. Rachel Carson warned before more than three decades ago in her publication-Silent Spring, the damage seen in lab animals and in wildlife has ominously foreshadowed symptoms that appear to be increasing in the human population.@
We are now facing serious dangers of the Synthetic hormone and perhaps our very existence as a human being on the Earth.
The worldwide concern is brought to the contamination of Synthetic Hormone-Dioxin.
Dioxin has strong toxin almost about 1000 times of Potassium Cyanide. It is the strong toxic substance that can ruin all Japanese peoples in the whole country with only 12kgs Dioxin.
Dioxin is mainly taken through foods into the human body, then absorbed from the small intestine and accumulated into the liver and fat organization etc. (mother's milk too). It is said that it shall be taken almost more than 5 years for reducing a half of the Dioxin inside the blood or fat organization.
By the way, the chlorella is proved very useful to excrete these chemical substances outside the human body well, by the following research example.
Fukuoka Health Care and Environment Research Institute Mr. Morita said: Taking chlorella or vegetable, which contains abundant chlorophyll, may discharges a large quantity of Dioxin from human body inside will be about 3-4 time than usual.
Professor Itimura of Toyama University proved:
In case of taking a lot quantity of chlorella will be of a treatment effect for the excluding of harmful heavy metal cadmium and mercury outside the body of the patient of chronic cadmium poisoning. (Nikkei, Kyoto, Kobe and Mainichi Newspaper etc.,)

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