The Effect of Midwinter Training

in daytime
in nighttime
So-called the midwinter training is a kind of technology that brings up the plant that could raise nutritive value to two or more times with making different temperature in a glasshouse. That is to say,particularly, sending sometimes the cold air artificially into glasshouse, let the vegetable receive temporarily cold training. In receiving such a training, for the puspose of defending the vegetable apperas to strentnen strenuously save nutrition in it's own body. And the vegetable like Spinach etc, brings up deep green, delicious, nutritive value of two or more times than normal planting.
This is actually a epoch-making vegetable cultivation metod(annouced by NHK).
The cultivating manufactory of "Chlorella Green Treasure" here is a forest-land above sea level of 746 m just beside Sun-Moon Lake. Here is an environmental pollution zero area. And the temperature in daytime is highest to 40, Power is demonstrated to complete maturity to the photosynthesis of chlorella. on the contrary temperature in nighttime becomes below 10. Thus, natural midwinter bundle effect is brought up by the different temperature between the strong sunlight in daytime and cold in nighttime. And leads to make up chlorella "Green Treasure" high nutritive value and presents good taste, dark green, fine aroma. Chlorella For the purpose of culturing high quality of chlorella "Green treasure", we have especially choosed such an environment to establish the cultivating factory. Although harvest volume is limited, and the cost is higher, but high quality of the nutritive value chlorella is brought along.

We believe that our chlorella cultivating factory is the only one of the world in utilizing such a good environment to cultivate
"Chlorella Green Treasure".

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