100 years old Studies:

Chlorella "Green Treasure "is "Best"
Recently, chlorella has become catchword as a panacea, a kind of top health food to cure various illnesses of modern human being.
Chlorella is a unicellular alga and also a single life body. So, it has completely full nutrition for the maintenance of its own life as a single cell. All of the components included in it are needed and enough to maintain the life of cell. Without doubt, such a complete nutrition as Chlorella " Green Treasure "
is very useful for the health of modern human being

Many researchers have artificially materialized the extension of life in various creatures in the field of medicine. "Lives healthy to 100 years" old in aging society has been studied in many countries.

The researcher of Canada extended 40% in life of a fly with gene operation.
@@Dr.Tomas Pars continues a large-scale "100 years old research".
Asked Dr. Arlan Richard(Texas Uni.) the question that if the research went ahead whether the life of the human could be able to extend the life to 130 or 140 years old? He replied, if it was "5 years ago, I did answer there might be of the biological limit, but I did'nt think so now.
Bee-keeping research of our company (Japans patent no.831339). By feeding chlorella food to honeybees, let the general 35days life of the bee, extended highest to 60days, achieved the records of about 50% of life extension.

It is the motto of our company that is always keeping the biggest effort for the cultivation and offer the best chlorella in to the society. In the central part of Taiwan, near the natural lake, Sun-Moon lake, under the environmental "pollution zero" area, chlorella "Green treasure" is cultivated. Moreover, the natural water from underground 300M is able to drink as it is, according to the analysis result of Kyoto microorganism research institute, the transparent soft water just is real spring water and a delicious mineral water. Through consistency work from the stage of cultivation and using such a mineral water abundantly, although it may be luxurious, but we believe it is best for the cultivation of natural pure chlorella green treasure. It is the reason why we say chlorella "green treasure" is the best chlorella in the world.

Green treasures and Bio-Green G have a good taste, deep green color and good aroma.
Be the attendant of your health and strong enjoyable life with high quality natural pure chlorella-Green treasures and Bio-Green G.

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