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Consistent processing

How chlorella "Green Treasure" becomes finished goods?
The picture from the culture of seed stock to completed good.
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Indoor Cultivation Open Cultivation
Choosing single good cell as a seed stock to culture, after one week move them to the flask of 50ml then to 2,000ml for continuing to culture. After chlorella has reached regular density, all of them would be transfered to the open culturing pond outside for fully receiving sunshine. Delicious fresh air comes from the woods of surrounding mountains and under the strong sunshine, chlorellas are continuing their proliferation all the time to become the best chlorellas.

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Attention! Vacuumization
Recieving direct strong sunlight, the cell division of chlorella are largely promoted.
The chlorella cells increase rapidly in the pond. The real spring water shows quickly to the extent of a vivid emerald green which we are proud of.
The fresh chlorellas that have been harvested will be sent to atomizing dryer in order to keep the freshness and flavor and become chlorella powders. Then they will be processed into tablets and through the vacuum packing machine to become the finished goods, which are shown as below.

Green Treasure 3cans Set

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