What is chlorella?

Chlorella cells(600* magnification)

Chlorella belongs to the eucaryotic cell of algae and lives in fresh water as a single celled plant. Its size is about that of a human erythrocyte; i.e. between 2-8 microns indiameter.

Although it is the small algae, it has the big characteristic.
It is the flourishing vital power and balanced nutriment.

Chlorella has continued to live even three billion years after showing on the earth. It is thought that the secret is in the powerful proliferation power that reaches to 100 times in comparison with the plant of land.
Under favorable growth conditions; strong sunlight, pure water and clean air, chlorella multiplies at an incredible rate. The process of reproduction can geneally be divided into several steps; growth-ripening-maturity-division. At the division stage, a 'mother' cell divides into 4 'daughter cells. This complete reproduction cycle can take less than 24 hours.

Chlorella is also rich in excellent proteins, 8 kinds of amino acid indispensable for life, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, "C.G.F."(Chlorella Growth Factor) and other beneficial substances.
Chlorella can be called with a balanced nourishing food including the perfect nutriment.

Reserchers have found that chlorella specifically helps prevent and reverse a significant number of disease and health problems, and also clean toxic heavy metals from the body; lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic among them.

And thoroughly, the excellent chlorella being raised in the clear water and air with the latest equipment, having a good taste and a natural green color, is the highest balance nourishing food.
"Green Treasure" contributes the recovery of physical strength and maintenance of youth and health.
By all means, please make use of chlorella of highest quality "Green Treasure" for your health.

Nutrition component in chlorella Green Treasure (per 100 g)

Nutrient composition, vitamins, minerals and etc.

Protein 60.0[69.0 g Carotin 26.4 mg
Fat 6.0-13.0 g Vitamin A 32000 IU
Carbohydrate 3.0[18.0 g Vitamin B1 1.78 mg
Fiber 4.6-6.0 g Vitamin B2 6.32 mg
Chlorophyl 1850 mg Vitamin B6 1.40 mg
Calcium 183 mg Vitamin B12 0.28 mg
Potassium 1020 mg Vitamin C 25 mg
Magnesium 265 mg Vitamin E 8.20 mg
Iron 185 mg Niacin 23.6 mg
Zinc 38 mg Pantothenic acid 1.10 mg
Xantophil 138 mg Inositol 120 mg
Biotin 0.20 mg Folic acid 1.03 mg
Chlorella extract (CGF) 2.8 OD/g/l Vitamin K1 2.27 mg

Amino acids

Lysine ‚RD‚O‚W‚‡ Arginine ‚RD‚U‚R‚‡
Leucine ‚SD‚T‚V‚‡ Serine ‚QD‚R‚W‚‡
Isoleucine ‚QD‚U‚T‚‡ Proline ‚QD‚V‚V‚‡
Threonine ‚QD‚W‚P‚‡ Glycine ‚RD‚S‚W‚‡
Valine ‚RD‚R‚U‚‡ Alanine ‚SD‚W‚W‚‡
Methionine ‚PD‚R‚T‚‡ Glutamic acid ‚VD‚T‚W‚‡
Phenylalanine ‚QD‚W‚W‚‡ Aspartic acid ‚TD‚V‚T‚‡
Tryptophan ‚PD‚R‚P‚‡ Tyrosine ‚PD‚W‚W‚‡
Histidine ‚PD‚Q‚T‚‡ Cystine ‚PD‚Q‚V‚‡

We recommend natural 100% pure chlorella Green Treasure that prides most high quality. The main reasons are;

  1. Natural 100%! Fresh 100%! It is the fresh natural 100% chlorella made in Taiwan that is famous for highest quality! Furthermore, it has a highest effect because it is packed in a vacuous can.
  2. It passes to a strict check of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan! It is the product that passes an inspection on the occasion of importation.
  3. It prides a high digestibility (81.7%) in natural condition!
  4. It includes much protein and dietary fibers and few carbohydrate than products of other companies! ianalysis by Japan Food Analysis Center Foundation)
  5. Total chlorophyl, total carotin, various kinds of vitamins, various kinds of minerals are abundant!
  6. A chlorella unique C. G. F. (Chlorella extract) is being included a lot preeminently!

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